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Mos Def (Yasiin Bey)

So we’ll most likely have to start saying, “I listened to Yasiin back when he was still called, ‘Mos Def’”. “Yasiin” means, “rich” in Arabic which after numerous supporting movie roles and a few legendary hip-hop albums I’m sure he’s … Continue reading

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Stallone Laser Arm

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Danny Drive Thru – Virtua Ante Up

He could be Morris Backnut.   Is Gucci Mane only allowed to wear Gucci? C-$

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Die Antwoord – I Fink U Freeky (Music Video)

I felt strangely obligated to┬áre-post this from Highsnobiety as I know some of my friends are really avid Die Antwoord fans. Scarier than Aphex Twin’s, “Come to Daddy”.. The girl’s lookin’ pretty foine, could do without the pit hair but … Continue reading

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Cadillac – Endless Summer

The man does not beat your head because you got a Cadillac or because you got a Ford; he beats you because you’re black!   Just see where the roads lead, C-$

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I like a girl in a bikini. No concealed weapons.   We all get our jollies one way or another, C-$

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  Fine ass asian girl.   Nobody pour out the eggnog and Hennessey, C-$

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