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Edison on the Novation Twitch

Bitches smiling at you, must be happy hour.   They say more money more problems, my ngh don’t believe it, C-$ Advertisements

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Kanye at Side 3

On that black voodoo, got me gum chewing   Obvious we ain’t the same cause I come from a different fabric, C-$

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araabMUZIK Studio Session With Alchemist

Crack beata   Alchemist’s face at 4:03, C-$

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Skrillex – Rock n Roll (Will Take You to the Mountain) MUSIC VIDEO

Some random guy partying:   Candy mountain, C-$

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Tim Exile and Native Instruments present “The Mouth”

VST pr0n Nothing hurts like your mouth, C-$

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Xfer LFOTool

not for technical haters

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Aphex Twin Face Mapping

Aphex Twin real-time face mapping drop acid & survive, C-$

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